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7 Benefits of Hiring a Full-Service Commercial Construction Company

About 90 percent of construction projects worldwide experience a cost overrun. While many factors contribute to this problem, most of them can be reduced by hiring the right company to oversee your project.

As the project owner, you can choose to manage the project on your own, but it comes at a cost. Here are some of the benefits of hiring a full-service commercial construction company.

1. Increased Efficiency
When one construction manager manages everything, there’s a large overall time-saving. The project owner doesn’t have to manage several different companies.

There’s no need to coordinate their work schedules. Everyone on the project works together and looks at the big picture, not a small part of the project.

2. A Single Contact Improves Communication
When you have one commercial contractor for your entire project, it improves collaboration. That allows everyone to make changes on the fly.

Team members will use the same communication technology to share files and information. When a document can be accessed electronically, it saves printing and distributing them.

It can be difficult to get members of different working groups to connect simultaneously. The project owner can take part in all meetings, so they remain updated on any changes. They can get answers to their questions and contribute to the project.

3. Streamlined Scheduling
From pre-construction service to construction management, we can take care of scheduling for all of the work on your project. As a local construction company, we would have all the required contact information in one place.

Our full-service company has the advantage of strong relationships with all team members. We understand everyone’s skill sets and can work to reduce or recover from delays. We can confidently coordinate the schedules for all of the work, including any pre-referendum services or architectural design required.

4. Accountability
As managers, your commercial construction company is the single point of decision-making, so they take full responsibility. There are fewer bosses, which results in fewer conflicts on the job site. Everyone is part of the same team, so they tend to work together instead of competing for time or resources.

5. Reduced Costs
A single construction manager resolves the need to maintain duplicate files or coordinate with other managers or teams. A single source for all decisions will help reduce the number of change orders or delays. Well-managed projects tend to be completed on time and within budget, a major advantage over the competition.

6. It’s Easier to Make Changes
One point of contact allows for improved flexibility when making decisions. A full-service construction company can easily see where changes can save time and money as the project progresses. They’re able to make quick decisions about changes as they come up.

7. Peace of Mind
When you have the right commercial construction company taking care of your project, there is less stress for the project owner. Streamlined workflows result in fewer problems to solve. That allows the owner to relax as the project unfolds.

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